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Dr. Geetika


Dr. Geetika joined as the Principal of SLKS Govt. College for Women Salaheri, Nuh on October 20,2023. She began her teaching career in July 1999 when she joined as a Lecturer in Computer Science at Govt. College, Bhiwani. She has served in different government colleges situated at Gurugram, Panchkula, Bhiwani. She got her promotion as Principal in August 2023 and is currently heading this institute. In her 24 years of experience as an academician and researcher, she has been deeply involved in teaching, research, training and capacity building of the students at various levels. She is totally focused and committed towards empowerment of female students through their holistic education. She is actively involved in organising and managing various training programs ,National Seminars, Exhibitions and offers her supportive guidance and supervision to all her students in various activities conducted in the college. She aims for an overall development of both students and staff and hence lays great emphasis on the learning of both life-skills and soft skills. As Principal, she dreams to motivate the young minds to explore, innovate, learn and grow with each experience in life as Education is not only for giving knowledge for a future job but this is lifelong process. She is confident that with the support of the Administration, staff and students, the institute will continue to grow, prosper and reach new heights and no stone will be left unturned in helping the students to realize their cherished goals.